the outlaw products code 


  • A caliber of people who refuse to accept average as “good enough.”

  • A person who maintains the notion that putting in some extra effort is worth the results.

  • Someone who is not afraid to stand up, stand out and rise above mediocrity for the cause of of making things better.    

At Outlaw Products we’ve taken definitions into our own hands. Our definition isn't the norm, but we're okay with that, because we stand for something. We have a tight grip on a set of moral codes and values that guide the way we choose to live. These values do more than guide us as we build new products, they help us raise our families, build our businesses, serve our neighbors and friends and accomplish our life’s work with a purpose.  

We know that the right way to do something has always be uncovered by those who were willing to put some miles on their boots and earn notches in their belt. Just like you, we take pride in the fact that we've worked hard, covered a lot of ground, learned a few lessons and been blessed to have great opportunities. 

As a team we've been involved in custom seat cover and other cut-and-sew businesses for many years. In fact, we were part of the first seat covers that were designed and produced back in the 1970's right here in our hometown of Logan, Utah. We're proud to bring you the same passion and innovation and improved products today! 

By partnering with Seat Covers Unlimited, the leader in custom seat cover design, we've now been able to draw on years of product-specific customer reviews, requests and product designs to create and launch the best semi-custom products available! 

Now with 30+ years of combined manufacturing experience and some good ole' fashion hard work we have designed, created and manufactured new products, to make a difference. Our products have raised the bar on innovation and design, yet again. The Outlaw way isn’t the easiest, quickest, or cheapest. It’s better than that. We like to say, that the right way, is the Outlaw way.  

To be continued....